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Ultimate Field Lens Cleaning Kit

Ultimate Field Lens Cleaning Kit
Designed for the outdoors-man, the Ultimate Field Lens Cleaning Kit is, as the name implies, the ultimate lens cleaning kit.

This high quality kit includes the following:
  • ULTRA BRUSH - This easy to store brush has extra soft, retractable bristles to safely clean any lens.
  • SOFT-TEK MICROFIBER CLOTH - This cloth is designed to remove fingerprints and smudges from any lens surface, without damaging the lens.
  • FORMULA MC & PREMIUM GRADE LENS CLEANING TISSUE* - The perfect solution when a more aggressive cleaning is necessary. Together these can clean any lens, including multi-coated.

These cleaning tools are easy to transport in its heavy duty neoprene bag, equipped with a shoulder strap or loop for attaching to a belt or camera.

*FORMULA MC has been approved by NASA for use on the space shuttle. PREMIUM GRADE LENS TISSUE meets federal specification #A-A-50177B

Our PriceUS$19.10
Retail Price US$22.29
Weight 8

The Ultimate Field Kit is a take anywhere lens cleaning kit designed for the outdoorsman. The heavy duty neoprene bag can be carried by the strap, attached to a belt or looped through a binocular or camera strap. Outfitted with just the right tools it will keep Rifle Scopes, Binoculars, Cameras and Spotting Scopes clean for optimum performance. Included in the Ultimate Field Kit are: ULTRA BRUSH Step one in cleaning lenses. Extremely soft brush thats been engineered to clean any lens safely. The brush fibers retract for safe, clean storage. SOFT-TEK MICROFIBER CLOTH Next step in cleaning lenses. Unlike cotton fabrics that tend to spread fingerprints and smudges, the scientifically designed fibers in the Soft-Tek cloth actually remove fingerprints and smudges from the lens surface. FORMULA MC & PREMIUM GRADE LENS CLEANING TISSUE if more aggressive cleaning is needed. Both are safe for cleaning any lens including multi-coated lenses. Formula MC has been tested by and approved for use on the Space Shuttle by NASA. The Premium Grade Lens Tissue meets Federal Specification No. A-A-50177B and is the highest quality.
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Premium Lens Tissue (LCT-PG)
The Premium Lens Tissue is the most effective way to clean lenses. This lens paper is soft enough to be used on any lens, glass or plastic. The Premium Lens Tissue is packaged in a handy 4" x 6" booklet containing 25 sheets. Our Price: US$2.28
Retail Price : US$2.49

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Digital Camera Lens Cleaning Kit DC-401
View The DC-401 Digital Lens Cleaning Kit is the go-to item for keeping digital cameras in tip-top condition. The kit contains the following: 2.5 oz Dust-Pro air duster - Ideal for removing large particles and every day cleaning.Soft-Tek Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - This soft cloth is gentle enough to polish and clean your camera's LCD screen - Formula MC Lens Cleaning Fluid- LensPen - Perfect for cleaning those hard to reach areas. - Battery Saver - This cleaner has been proven to extend the life of the battery and battery contacts.

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Sale! Sale! Sale! Canned Air - Air Duster 8 oz.
Vari-Air air dusters are 100% safe.Non-Flammable, ozone safe, and moisture free. Filtered to less than 0.2 microns for extreme purity. 8 oz. fill. Our Price: US$6.99
Retail Price : US$8.49

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LensBrite Anti-fog Lens Cleaner
LensBrite lens cleaning fluid is specially formulated to provide anti-fog protection for up to 7 days. The unique formula provides superior cleaning and is safe for use on all glass and plastic lenses. Great for all types of goggles and face shields. 1 oz. dropper bottle. Our Price: US$3.80
Retail Price : US$4.19

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Battery Saver
Get all of the life out of your expensive batteries! Cleans and protects batteries and contacts. Removes oxidation from the battery and battery terminals. For new and used batteries. For use on all batteries except automotive and zinc air batteries. Our Price: US$3.30

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