Bird Photos by Bird Watchers

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We know there are some great birding websites out there, we’ve visited so many of them ourselves. We are not here to be the end-all of birding sites, but rather to be the lens cleaning experts for your birding gear. We want that when you do see that amazing lifetime moment of a bird your lens is clean enough to enjoy it. We want you to enjoy your discoveries.

We at Clean Optics love a great photo. We’d  like you to share the great photos you have been able to capture. Just the thrill of having witnessed the colors of a Goldcrest or the Dartford Warbler, or whatever it is that is in your scope, is worth the slogging and the waiting and the strange hours.  We know how time gets away from you. We wouldn’t want it any other way.  Sometimes just looking out the kitchen window over a coffee mug is the best birdwatching there is. Anyway you look at it, we love for you to share it.

Send us your best photos so we may post them here. There is no compensation other than knowing your photo made the cut, that your bird is exciting to us too, and your name will be given top billing for your photo. We ask for a couple of things. We want to know who you are, where you are, which bird this is a photo of, and what did you take the picture with. As an optical cleaning site you can understand our curiosity on the last question.

To submit your photo simply e-mail it to